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Kilkerrin Battery Fort,Co.Clare.

Kilkerrin Battery Fort,Co.Clare.

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Driving through Labasheeda in Co Clare, I thought that I could continue along the coast road and ignored the right turn-off for Killimer. A couple of miles later, I found myself confronted by the Shannon, with no way across or around it.In order to get directions, I walked up to the little cottage nearby. The man who answered my knock on his door told me that I was at Battery Point, Kilkerrin – a dead end – and he pointed me back to the main road. I turned away to leave when he surprised me by asking, “Would you like to see my castle?”
Map showing the location of Kilkerrin Fort.
                             A View from the Kilkerrin Fort of Moneypoint Power Station.

A View from Kilkerrin  of Tarbert Power Station and the Shannon Estuary.

Clare Library Courtesy of  See   HERE   Fortifications in the Shannon Estuary and Galway Bay by Paul M. Kerrigan
Irish Martello Tower Courtesy of See  HERE 

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